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     Tibia was created in January 1997 and is considered one of the oldest and most successful massive multiplayer online role-playing games in the world. It has been active for more than 10 years, and it even encouraged the establishment of other cooperates such as NgSoft (Tibia NG) and Blackd Tools (Blackd). The game itself is free of charge for play and download, but an option of buying a premium account is available, which can greatly benefit a player. A premium account offers advantages such as premium areas and player promotions, which can greatly speed up the process of leveling a character. As of now, there are 74 different worlds and approximately 270,000 registered players.

     In the game of Tibia, the ultimate goal is to get as high level as possible. To get levels, a character has to kill monsters or do quests. As your character level grows, the experience needed to advance to the next level gets higher; therefore, a level 1 character would only have to kill 20 rats to get to level 2 whereas a level 3 character would have to kill 40 rats to get to level 4.

     Apart from gaining level, Tibia players also has to choose a vocation (Knight, Paladin, Sorcerer, or Druid) in which they will be playing with (see the "Guide" section). This vocation is the key that determines what a character will level their skills on. Knights wield melee weapons, and Mages wields rods and wands.  To make a mage character strong, it is not recommended to train melee skills as melee skills are not what a mage would need. As a matter of fact, a mage training melee skill would also be twice as slow as a knight training their melee skills. If you plan on becoming a successful mage, it is highly recommended to train on your magic level, because this is what a mage needs and what a mage can level faster on than a knight.

     The guides on this web page includes help on leveling all of the vocations (go to the  "Guide" tab to see the list of features). Apart from that, it also includes a download page to download various waypoints and scripts for Tibia NG users. There is also a page to comment or express your opinions to this site. Please do not insult or use offensive language; instead, please comment on how to improve this site or even tell your friends about it! Our goal for creating this website is to let it be as successful as itself.

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