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Actually, it took me only 2 weeks before I got my first premium account. If you guys know about PTC (Paid-To-Click) websites, you will know what I am talking about. In PTC websites, what you do is you click an advertisement and wait for 30 minutes. Thats all you need to do. A normal starter into PTC would normally take approximately 1 month until they can afford their first premium account, but if you invest just $5 (or $2.5), you can speed up the whole process by 50% or more. Why invest the $5? These $5 are not donations made to the website's creator. Instead, they are made to rent "referrals", or people that click for you. They are just normal people that clicks everyday on the website, but under your control. For every click they click, you get credited the same amount of money. That is why I said I used only 2 weeks and $5 to buy my first premium. Another great advantage of referrals are that they are paid until the end of the month, so even after I requested my first cashout and bought premium, I am still earning money. That is actually how I bought TibiaNG and wrote the other tutorial about it.  Now, with the extra money from the first $5 investment I made, I went back into the PTC websites and bought more referrals. I think I will be hosting a contest on the forums later when I have enough money to buy premium for top contributors to the website.

Here are the links for the PTC website. Please note that they are under my referral, so if you strongly disagree about that, then you can go directly to or and sign up there.

Don't know which to choose? Use both! It's the best way! - New But Reliable PTC (Pays Higher, but is newer)

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