The All-Tibia Guide | Complete Game Walkthrough

The Mage Guide

Note: We are looking for people to update this guide! Please visit "About Me" for more information! Compensation included. 

This Mage Guide is for those who wish to seek the paths of the magicians: Druids or Sorcerers.

Note 1: Yalahar is not listed in any of the hunting places on the Premium User’s side on this guide. This is not to say Yalahar is bad, but because Yalahar is so diverse, you can practically hunt there at all levels. Not to mention, there is also a great dragon spawn over there too.

Note 2: Especially in lower levels, some of the contents on this guide are similar to the contents of my Mage Guide. Please do not doubt plagiarism. Both of these guides are written 100% by me.


Level 1 ~ 8.9

When you start the game, you will be in the Tutorial Island. For fast leveling, it is recommend doing the tutorial quest, as you will be granted 150 free experience points (EXP) and some useful starter items. If you prefer not to do the tutorial, you can skip it by saying "skip tutorial" to Santiago, the first npc you see on the island. 

When you finish Tutorial Island, the first thing to do is to kill “pigs” and “sheep” and get as much meat as you can. You can skip this part if you want to proceed to leveling earlier or if you already have a spare account on “Rookgaard” to supply your character with money. Once you fill out your capacity, sell them to the npc north-west of you; she is called Norma and lives in a mill beside a river. Remember; just keep on repeating this process until your character has at least 60 gp (currency). You can hunt some rats under the sewer if this process gets a little tiring too. With this money, buy a mace (or axe or a sword depending on your preference), a wooden shield, and a leather leg (approximately 35 gp, 15 gp at shop, and 10 gp at shop respectively). After that, in the house north of Tom the Tanner, do the Doublet Quest.

 Now, you have the basic equipments. If you are a Tibia bot user, go to Al Dee's rats and hunt there (don't forget to use the "almost level 9" script). If you are a free account player, Al Dee’s rats are a good place to hunt too. After you reach level 3 in there, head towards the north of town and cross the bridge. You can hunt either in the bear cave, the troll cave,  the wolf cave, or the house of monsters underground just north of the bridge. If you are a premium account player, you can either hunt at the rats on the premium side of Rookgaard or at the troll tower, bug cave, or wolf cave/plateau at the west side of the premium land.

 You can also do the Chain Armor QuestLegion Helmet Quest, or the Carlin Sword Quest while you are still at Rookgaard, but do not forget to sell them before you leave, as the next location, the Isle of Destiny, will provide you with free equipments according to the vocation you choose.


Level 9 ~ 20

Keep hunting, but keep in mind that once you reach level 13, bringing a melee weapon in your backpack could be quite handy especially with the fact that rods uses mana and manas run out. It is also a good idea to bring a few mana potions just in case something bad happens, like a PKer (Player Killer) who hasn’t eaten in two days.


Free Account: 

You can either go to Carlin or Venore, but make sure that before you go hunting, you have already bought the “light healing spell” (Exura) and a Dwarven Shield as they are extremely useful and fairly cheap. Personally, I like Venore a little more because it is relatively safer (to an extent). Buy a shovel and a rope if you do not have one, because you will need them to go to the Venore Swamp Trolls or the Venore Rotworm Cave. If you have decided to go to Carlin, make sure you buy a few health potions on the way and head straight north-west to the area called Folda. Remember, you are only level 9, so hunt only on the surface and the first floor. If you get bored of the place, you can also visit Femurs Hills to hunt goblins and sell the small stones for money. Thais rootworms caves are also a nice visit too.

Premium Account:

I suggest going to the Edron Trolls and Goblin Peninsula as it is a good hunting spot for exp and money until level 10. To reach the Edron Trolls and Goblin Peninsula, go south of DP, into the sewers, head west, and after you exit the tunnel, head north. Leveling there should not be too hard, and you can also collect the small stones and sell them for a very good price (about 100 for 1k in my world).

After reaching level 10, you can start hunting rotworms at Edron RotwormsDarashia Rotworms, or when you are higher leveled, the Port Hope Swamp north of DP (beware of slimes or terror birds) just make sure that you bring some health and mana potions in just case. At level 15, you can start hunting at Larva caves, which is a very good place for exp at this level.


Level 20 ~ 35 

From the money you got from levels 9 to 20, buy a plate set and always remember to upgrade your rod/wand to the newest one. If you have enough money, also try and buy a level 20 weapon as you will need it if you are hunting weaker monsters or else you would run out of mana. If you cannot afford a level 20 weapon, try and get a decent no-level weapon that has a good Attack/Cost ratio. Remember to always upgrade your melee weapon if you have the spare money to, as you will be saving a lot of mana while you hunt.

Do the Desert Quest

Free Account:

The best place for free account mages is probably the Fibula Rotworm Cave. The exp rate ranges highly, sometimes in the low 5k/h or sometimes even reaching 20k/h. When you are at Fibula, always bring a few parcels, as there is a mailbox beside the entrance (the guild hall), and also some health or mana potions, as this is a common spot for PKer. 

Mages at this level can also kill Cyclops for gaining experience points. Mount Sternum is a perfect example, but beware of Cyclops Drones and Cyclops Smiths; a few deadly hits from a Cyclops Smiths may take you out easily. Because Mount Sternum is always full, mages can also hunt at the Thais South Cyclops, which is just directly south (south east) of town. Experience rate there can be quite good too, but because it is not as big as Mount Sternum, sometimes the rate would not be as good as well if it is crowded. 

Mount Sternum undead first and second floor is also a good place to hunt. It has a very good exp rate and also a very good gp loot rate. The only problem is that ghouls and skeletons do not drop food, so you would have to bring some mushrooms, and that sometimes there are a lot of PKers. Another way of getting food is to occasionally leave the cave to hunt a few cyclops and loot them. Do not forget to bring health or mana pots, as sometimes there will be lured crypt shamblers or beholders on the run.

Premium Account:

Starting from this level, you can start to train your magic level in this easy but slow way. Once you receive your promotion, get your level 7 rod/wand and find a monster that regenerates hp overtime (or a friend). Since you regenerate 2 mana points per 2 second, and that each shot of your level 7 rod/wand uses only 2 mana points, you can literally infinitely train your magic level as long as you have enough food and your partner/monster does not die.

At level 20, Premium account users should hunt at the Liberty Bay Rotworm. You will need a rope and shovel, so do not forget to bring them. You can also try going to Dworcs, which are located on the shore very south of Port Hope. Their entrances are usually hidden behind trees so just walk around and you will find yourself suddenly in a very dark place. Never forget to bring health or mana potions as they are very important and will keep you alive a lot of times. 

Another good hunting spot for mages after level 30 is the North Port Hope Jungle (or level 25 and above if you want to use a melee weapon and have good skills). The exp rate over there can be quite good too, especially if you are alone. To hunt there, you can bring a melee weapon and use the "Exori Flam" spell when you see a Terror Bird or a Slime. The jungle waypoint and script for NG users can be found at my blog listed at the bottom of the page (please note a lot of them are not made by me. I am just distributing them for those in need). Always remember to bring 2 or more backpacks of mana potions, as the spell "Exori Flam" costs manas. If you don't want to use a melee weapon to hunt in the jungle, you can also use a rod or wand, but please note you will likely use a lot more mana potions then needed.


Level 35 ~ 50

Wherever you go now, you should always be carrying more than one backpack of health and mana potions. They can really save lives. Now, you should already have an acceptable amount of money in your bank account. Do the Noble Armor Quest, the Crusader Helmet Quest, and the Mad Mage Room Quest. Sell the noble armor and the crusader helmet (if you want) and buy a blue set (try to get the blue robe as soon as possible - maybe level 25). Also, do not forget to upgrade your rod/wand and get a good shield because they are very important too. At level 45, if money is not a problem, try to get a Boots of Haste. Mages have weak defense and getting hit by monsters like dragons in this level range can be quite painful.

At level 45, sorcerers can now make the Sudden Death rune. Druids of this level can now use them for the first time too!

Free Account:

Leveling a free account user from now on will not be as easy. You can either hunt Cyclops at Mount Sternum (or at the Thais South Cyclops), at Mintwallin, or at the Venore Dragon Layer. 

While hunting at Mintwallin, it is recommended to take a friend, as you will be able to kill more monsters quicker and be able to bring more mana potions. Another tactic for hunting in Mintwallin, alone, is to summon a monk or two to help you kill the monsters. Mintwallin has a big spawn, so if you meet a crowd of 10 different kinds of minotaurs, it is recommended to use mana shield and run while your monks or friends attack them. Also remember to bring a lot of GFBs or other fire runes; they will be very useful. 

When hunting at the Venore Dragon Layer, always bring an ice weapon such as the Hailstorm Rod and a lot of avalanche and icicles runes.  Never be outnumbered by a dragon, so stay on alert and make sure you are always dealing with them one at a time. Also, remember to always stay diagonal in order to avoid the unnecessary great energy beam. Don’t forget this is a very popular spawn so don’t be surprised if you see more than one company.

Premium Account:

There are four options for a premium user hunting at this level. Continue at Dworcs, the Port Hope jungle north of town, the Giant Spider Tomb (or other tombs in Ankrahmun), or the Venore Dragon Layer. 

While hunting at the Giant Spider Tomb, make sure you know what is under the floor below you when you go down. The first floor is filled with weak creatures that are very easy to kill. On the second floor, there are mummies and demon skeletons which might be a little more difficult. On the third and last floor, there are vampires, priestess, necromancers, and lich which might be a little strong for lower level players. Remember, if this is your first time, always bring a friend that is more experienced so he can help you when you are in trouble. 


Level 50 ~ 75 

Congratulations! You reached level 50! If you are a premium account, things can start to get fun here especially in group hunts or “shoot-‘n-runs”. As for free account players, the most fun you can get is to spam your new Sudden Death runes. Honestly, free account mages are not that fun and purchasing a premium account is highly recommended.

Free Account: 

There is not much to say, but to hunt at Mount Sternum, the Plains of Havoc, or the Venore Dragon Layer. You can also try the Kazordoon dwarves or the Dark Cathedral. Just remember to bring big supplies of potions because they are very far from town.

 The Plains of Havoc is probably the best place to hunt at this level, so make sure before you go, bring a big supply of pots and runes. It is also good to go with a friend, because mages do not have very good defense skills. After the winter update of 2006, a bigger spawn of giant spiders have been added. To stay safe for the first few times, try to stay near the temple, so whenever you spot a Giant Spider, the Temple’s protection zone will be a good place to hide. 

Premium Account:

Ancient Scarabs and Dragons are a love for mages at this level. To kill Ancient Scarabs, head to the larva cave west of Ankrahmun’s north exit. Fire attacks are 20% more effective against them, so use “Exori Flam” as much as you can. They can paralyze too, so always be on alert to use "Exura" whenever you get paralyzed.

Dragons are also a very good source of exp and money. In fact, dragons are so popular that almost everyone above level 40 has gained a level from them. For premium users, Darashia has a really nice spawn, but since it is so good, chances are that they are usually occupied already. Ankrahmun has 3 small to mid-sized dragon spawns and can be good for hunting. Edron also has a dragon spawn, but is slightly more dangerous and is a little smaller.

If you want, mages at this level can also try the Cyclops Island Mistrock. A quest is needed to access the island, but once you complete it, hunts in the future can be quite profitable because there is a mailbox on the island to mail your loots back to town.