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Tibia Tools

Tools in Tibia are meant to make Tibia easier to play. On this page, you will find different tools that will help you varying from seeking player info to downloading the whole map of Tibia. 

Note that none of the tools mentioned below are made by me; therefore by posting the hyperlinks to the actual pages, I am not stealing or trying to take credit for what I did not do. I posted these tools purely because I think that they are good and believe that all of you viewing this page will benefit from it. 




Tibia Ring - This website will tell you who is who in Tibia. Also a lot of other useful tools in the page.


Blackd Tools - This site includes a list of freeware tools that ranges from "who's online" to a "ping


World Map - This Tibia world map is not the kind you see in or This map includes the monster spawns in which you can see what monsters spawn in what place. Very useful if you want to explore a place that you have never been to before.


Tibia Map - Same web as the World Map, you can download the whole Tibia Map by clicking the"Download all maps here" on the web page.


Tibia MC - Tibia MC patch by LoW. This is the newest one, specially designed for Tibia version 8.4.


Pskonejott - An extremely useful website to view the online time of every single character in Tibia. A skills calculator and several additional guides are also in the website. 


Otservlist - A website of the list of all the OT servers in Tibia. Very useful for finding OT servers if you are interested in them. There is also an IP changer in the download section of the page, making the website very convenient.